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How long does a makeover take?

Our overall makeovers would be completed within 30 working days. Day 1 would begin when we acquire 3 items from you:- the keys of your property, the renovation permit from your property's management and our 50% deposit. The 30 working days does not include the duration necessary for finding a suitable tenant.

Will you help me find a tenant too?

Yes! After the whole makeover, we would assign a few handpicked area specialist agents to assist in finding a suitable tenant for you. There are no additional charges for this service. The agent who manages to close a deal however, would take their standard commission. As a value added service, we would also take professional photographs of your finished unit. This especially helps your property stand out amongst the competition if you choose to use online property portals to advertise.

What kind of rental rates can I expect if I assign your services?

While we can't control the market, historically all our units have been able to hit top tier rental rates and sometimes set new benchmark rates. For newly VPed projects the aim is always about speed. If you're willing to follow market rates, we are 100% sure your unit will move faster than the rest. However, if you want to try new benchmark rates, then you may have to wait a few months to achieve the rental you are expecting. It's possible, but you will have to meet the right tenant who is willing to pay higher than the current market rates.

Can I assign you to partially furnish my property?

Generally, fully furnishing your rental property is the best approach to achieve good ROIs. However, if you’d rather partially furnish your place, we would suggest that you appoint contractors instead as it would be more cost effective. Our project management and supervision costs are fixed and therefore our package may not be as attractive. If you already know what things you want done up, hiring a contractor should be sufficient.

A semi furnished unit however, can be quite hard to rent out and it may require a long wait due to high competition. There are just too many semi furnished units out there that are ready to rent. This is a typical case where the property becomes a commodity - resulting poor rental rates and an undesirable tenant profiles. We suggest reconsidering your approach. :)

Will I be charged for a quotation / site visit?

No. Our cost estimates, site visits and consultations are absolutely free of charge with no strings attached. We are pretty transparent and believe honesty is the best way forth. If there may be any additional charges, we will get your approval prior to billing you.

How do I know what my property is going to look like?

In terms of design, our approach is quite different from your traditional interior designer. Our designers work independantly and would makeover your property based on the targeted tenant pool. Once we have studied your property, our consultants would share a few past projects of different themes/concepts that we believe are most suitable. Just let us know which concept/theme you prefer and our designers would stick closely to it. No two properties are exactly the same however. There is always an element of surprise in the way we do things. We probably aren't the right ones for you if you're someone who would rather know exactly how your property would look like in advance. If you prefer an effortless solution though, we're your perfect match!

How do you charge?

Firstly, get our rough quotation by clicking 'GET A COST ESTIMATE' and filling up the details. If you are comfortable with our costings, get in touch with us and we will go more indepth. We would study your development's location to understand it's potential buyers or tenants, the layout type and size, items provided by the developer and also things that you may have that we could recycle and reuse. Based on these, our strategy consultants will come up with an estimate for a cost effective Makeover to differentiate and maximize your property's potential.

Do you do 'For Sale' properties too?

Yes we do. Although the majority of the properties we work on are meant for rent, we do makeover 'for sale' properties too! Generally properties that are meant to be sold need less furnishing or just some minor touch-up but sometimes fully furnishing it might be the best option. It all depends on it's location and who it's potential buyers may be. Just get in touch with us and our consultants will advise you accordingly.

Is your approach used for RENT different from HOME?

Most definitely. When it comes to investment properties, we would combine investor insights, research, interior design and even marketing to help differentiate your unit from the competition. We believe differentiation is the key to fast rentability and sale. It also helps increase your chances for higher rates. However, the makeover would be based on the targeted tenant profile and might not be suitable for your individual lifestyle needs. Makeovers done for own stay use though, would be crafted to cater to your personal taste and requirements. We live in a diverse society with different needs, wants and preferences. GROUNDWORK's approach would be more customized to suit that.

Can you do commercial/retail makeovers?

Sadly, we are unable to assist with commercial/retail design projects for now. However, we are always finding ways we can grow our scope and maybe in time, we would be able to cover the commercial market as well. We will be announcing any updates on our Facebook page, so do stay tuned!

What locations does your service cover?

Our services only cover the whole of Klang Valley and Johor Bahru right now. Hopefully we can cover all regions in Malaysia, in the near future. Do check our Facebook page every now and then for updates.

Can I rent one of your finished projects?

Our finished projects generally move quite fast. However, we may have some recently completed units that aren't rented out just yet. Please drop us a message via the 'contact' tab and we'll get our Rental Consultant to get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can visit to see what options are still available.