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The Makeover Care – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why The Makeover Care?
Our goal has always been to enable people to enjoy better homes. The average property owner undoubtedly has the desire to furnish their homes in order to attract better tenants and rental rates, but often there is a pain point – a fear that tenants may damage their furniture, fixtures, wallpaper, etc.

“What if I spend money to makeover my house, only to fork out more money for damages?”.

Another pain point is property owners being picky with tenant profiles, selecting only particular tenants from a specific race or cultural background. This causes them to lose out rental income by waiting for ‘perfect’ tenants.

The Makeover Care aims to solve these two pain points, and give property owners peace of mind. It is a full coverage of everything that is included in our makeover service i.e. furniture, wallpaper, lighting, and fittings.

The Makeover Care is a collaboration between The Makeover Guys, Zurich General Insurance and Senang Insurance (digital insurance platform provider). Together, we hope to reduce rental worries and make it easier for property owners to provide higher value to their tenants. Happier tenants lead to higher demand, trickling down to a prosperous property market – a win-win situation for all.

2. How much does The Makeover Care cost?
From 1st April 2019 onwards, all our makeovers come with a complimentary 12-month insurance plan from The Makeover Care. In other words, your property’s makeover is automatically protected for 12 months when you engage our services. Existing customers are welcome to purchase this coverage.
P.S. The Makeover Care is available for properties in Klang Valley and Kuching. For properties in Johor Bahru, it will be available from 1st October 2019 onwards.

3. What does The Makeover Care insurance cover?
The Makeover Care is a comprehensive home-care package, covering renovation, furniture, and fittings that were purchased and installed during the makeover. Note: Insurance coverage is only applicable to condominiums, NOT landed properties.
This insurance covers malicious and accidental damage with a few exceptions such as natural disasters, war, malfunction of electronic equipment, and other occurrences as stated in the policy.

4. What is malicious damage?
Malicious damage is defined as the crime of intentionally causing damage to a property. For instance, let’s say your current tenant has broken a wall by hammering through it for unknown reasons. The damage was not declared, and you (the property owner) only found out about it during your routine inspection. This is grounds to lodge a claim, backed by a police report.

Another example of malicious damage is a broken bed frame caused by tenants carelessly jumping on the bed. This is also grounds to lodge a claim, and as always, it has to be backed by a police report.

Accidental damages on the other hand, are completely unintentional. Eg. a kitchen fire caused by a tenant who forgot to turn off the stove. Damages such as these are covered, with the exception of natural disasters and gradual deterioration (as specified in the cover note).

Wear and tear damages are not covered, as they occur naturally through continued use of an object. Eg. a kitchen cabinet door hinge that gets damaged after 3 years of use.

5. What is excluded from coverage under this insurance?
This insurance covers renovations made to the existing structure of the property such as wallpapers, interior design and furniture. It does not cover any revamp made to the structure of the property such as turning 3 bedrooms into 2 bedrooms.
The policy also does not cover the first RM250.00 for each loss. For example, if the amount of loss totals RM250.00 or less, no claim can be made. If the amount of loss is RM1,000.00, then the first RM250.00 is not payable and is borne by the policy holder. Hence, payable claims would amount to RM750.00.

6. How is this different from a Building insurance.
Building insurance covers the structure of the building but not the contents of the building. This means furniture, wallpaper, light and fittings are not covered by building insurance. Normally damages from tenants comes occurred towards the content inside of the property but not towards the structure of the building.

7. What is the process to submit a claim?
The client is required to log in to the Senang Portal and upload all relevant documents to register a claim. This includes details such as the claim amount and claim description, which will be provided to the insurance company via the Senang portal.
The insurance company will provide a claim status number within 7 working days, together with a status update. The client can check for their claim update via Senang’s official whatsapp number, or by logging in to the Senang portal. .

8. What is the process for claims payout?
Claims are processed by the insurance company and payouts are wired directly to the client’s account within 3 weeks from the submission date. This is assuming all submissions to the Senang portal are complete with all necessary documents.

9. What happens to the policy after a few years, whereby items from the makeover such as furniture has depreciated significantly in value?
As this is a first-of-its-kind insurance, the right course of action in this circumstance is yet to be determined by our team. For now, you can rest assured that the first year of your property’s makeover is fully insured, free of charge.

10. What coverage does this scheme offer in terms of malicious damage by a tenant, including Airbnb tenants?
Any malicious damage by tenants, including Airbnb tenants, is covered under this policy. Do take note that the maximum amount claimable varies according to the sum that was previously agreed upon during the issuance stage. This sum would have been recorded on your insurance cover-note.
Although damage caused by tenants is usually not covered under most home care policies, our partnership with Zurich General Insurance and Senang Insurance makes this coverage possible.

11. What about payment of insurance premiums?
For the first year, there is no insurance premium (free of charge). From the second year onwards, you will receive a renewal notice with the necessary payment details.

12. After 1 year, how do I renew the insurance?
You will receive an email or whatsapp message with a renewal notice of the insurance cover-note 1 month before expiry. You then can login to the system to renew and make the necessary payment in just 3 easy steps. If you require any amendments, you would need to mention them accordingly in the renewal notes.

13. Is a police report required for every registered claim?
A police report is required on a case by case basis. You will be notified accordingly upon your claim registration, especially concerning cases of malicious damage or theft.
The report enables the insurance company to exercise subjugation rights, which is the right to legally pursue and investigate the guilty party.

14. Under what circumstances are claims not payable?
A lack of supporting documents is usually the main reason for claims not being fulfilled. For example, the insured is unable to provide a purchase invoice for a particular good. But rest assured if it’s done by us, we will definitely have all the necessary documents for submitting a claim.

The Senang system allows documents to be uploaded to a client’s profile at point of purchase of goods, to be used in the event of submitting a claim. Once the policy cover-note is issued, clients can upload their documents any time they desire.

15. What will I receive upon signing up for The Makeover Care protection plan?
You will receive an email containing the insurance cover-note, together with a copy of the policy wording and product disclosure sheet by Zurich General Insurance Company Berhad, the official insurance partner of Senang and The Makeover Guys.

16. Does this cover rental deposit? That is to say, can I not charge my tenants rental deposit?
No, this policy does not cover rental deposit. The policy only applies to damages done to any part of the makeover performed by The Makeover Guys.

But rest assured, we are working hard to make this possible in the future.

17. Does this insurance cover missing furniture (tenant theft case)?
Yes, it does. You would have to file a police report on the stolen items, followed by an official claim via Senang Portal (online) or through The Makeover Guys. Simply fill up the online claim form and it will be registered in the system. You will receive an update on the claim status within 3-5 working days.

18. My place is tenanted for 2 years, can I purchase a longer coverage term? (Can I change the coverage terms?).
The insurance policy is valid for one year only, hence it has to be renewed on a yearly basis. If the duration of your tenancy agreement is 2 years, kindly notify us during the policy issuance stage that you would like an automatic renewal of the policy after the first year.

19. What is the coverage for accidental damages? Are there any exceptions?
When it comes to items/fixtures installed during our makeover, everything under the sun is accounted for, as long the policy holder (property owner) can prove negligence.

*Important note: If there were additional items purchased by the property owner and added to the makeover without the knowledge of The Makeover Guys, damage to these items is not claimable under this policy. Without informing us and submitting supporting documents during the policy issuance stage, any claim on these items is automatically void.

20. Does this insurance cover termite damage?
No, the policy does not cover damages in the form of gradual deterioration (such as prolonged termite damage), or any damages that concern renovation or restoration to the property’s original structure.

21. What if I sold the property to another owner, is the insurance transferable?
Yes it is. You would need to cancel the policy that was under your name, and the new owner would have to submit their request to The Makeover Guys to re-engage the policy. You will then be refunded accordingly.

22. After 1 year, can I renew for a period that is less than 1 year? Eg. if I want to sell the property shortly after renewing.
Yes you can. Instead of renewing for a whole year. we can extend your current policy for 6 months, but this will incur a costly premium. We suggest that you renew it for an entire year, and cancel the policy upon sale (refer no. 10 above) to get your refund.

23. How many times can I claim in year?
Claims may be submitted as many times as necessary, limited to the value insured by your insurance premium.

24. Does this insurance cover theft or fraud cases?
Yes, it covers theft cases. NOTE: There must be proof of a break-in, eg. broken window, broken door, etc.

An example of fraud would be a case where a tenant stole all the furniture and reported it as theft. In this instance, both the tenant’s and owner’s police report of the incident is needed to file a claim. Claims will be paid based on the police report made. If the claim amount is more than RM12,000, then a claim adjuster will be appointed to survey the property. If the investigation concludes that the tenant is fraudulent, then the claim will be automatically registered/approved.

25. If the damages arise from my tenant’s household pets ie. dogs and cats, does the insurance cover this?
Yes, as long as there is ‘impact damage’ done to any item or work structure by The Makeover Guys. ‘Impact damage’, as the name implies, is defined as damages that are caused by any impact eg. your car reverses into a wall and your booth crumples.
Eg. If the tenant’s pet frantically smashed through a dividing wall installed by The Makeover Guys – yes, it’s covered.
If the pet ruins a carpet with urine/poop – not covered.

26. Is SST applicable to the premium?
Yes, SST & Stamp Duty is applicable to the insurance premium. SST amounts to 6% of the insurance premium.

27. Can I use this insurance to reduce my tax claims?
The insurance policy cannot be used to reduce your personal income tax claims. It is not a requirement by the government to purchase this insurance policy, therefore it is considered a luxury.

28. Do I need to report this as rental income, minus the sum of premium from the total rental income?
No, you don’t have to report this as rental income. It is simply an insurance policy designed to reduce any worry of your property being damaged.

29. Does this insurance cover wiring, wet works, and/or electrical plug points added by The Makeover Guys for the makeover?
Yes, the insurance covers all renovation works done by The Makeover Guys, as long as the element in question is listed in our quotation and final invoice.

30. When I renew my insurance, can it be partial i.e. only covers parts of the makeover, not the whole thing?
We do not recommend that. The risk of under-insurance will come into play and you will not be paid the full amount if a claim is lodged. We recommend that you maintain the insured sum.
If you really really want to, then we suggest decrease your coverage ONLY AFTER discussing with representatives from The Makeover Guys.

31. Under what situation or circumstance will the insurance be rendered void/null?
The insurance will be void if it is found that the policy owner is different from the property owner’s name. Also, elements of fraud/cheating on the property owners part will void/null the claim. For example, purchasing the policy only after the damages have occurred and submitting a coverage claim.

32. If I modify/add renovation the makeover on top of the existing furnishing, will this void my policy?
No, it won’t. However, you’ll have to declare the items that are bought and endorse it as part of the policy. You will then have to pay a top up premium in order for the policy to remain active.

33. I’m in! Where do I proceed to get a makeover quotation for my investment property?
Great! Get a cost estimate of your investment property at:

For own-stay properties or other inquiries, kindly drop us a message at our Facebook page.

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If you are an existing customer, kindly contact your Strategy Consultant for assistance on purchasing this insurance policy for your makeover.