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Makeovers are now PROTECTED!

Unsure about being a property investor? We often find that our clients are a little too careful or picky with tenants due to so much uncertainty in the rental market.
And if you know us by now, you’ll know we’ve been trying our best to solve this concern. The solution to being unsure? Insure!
We’re partnering with Zurich General Insurance to bring you The Makeover Care – an all-inclusive rental insurance that gets rid of your investment property worries.

The truth is: your household furnishings and fittings are exposed to risks. No matter how thoroughly your prospective tenants are interviewed, or how many additional documents they provide, this risk is still prevalent. Even deposits, while necessary, do not help much in covering huge damages.

Why compromise on your property’s beauty when you can have it fully insured? This insurance plan encourages you to provide better options and an improved quality of life for your tenants, which translates to higher returns, creating a win-win for all.

“Can I apply?”
We are offering this insurance FREE for all our customers because your interests come first. As long as you engage us to makeover your rental property, you will be automatically insured from 1st April 2019. Existing customers are also welcome to purchase this exclusive coverage.
P.S. The Makeover Care is only valid for Klang Valley properties temporarily (for now🤞).

As more property owners become open to the idea of serving their tenants, they will most definitely enjoy better returns, as proven by our track records. Our goal has always been to serve to the best of our ability, because we want to see happiness in our clients’ faces.

In that way, Zurich General Insurance shares a lot of common traits and core values with The Makeover Guys. There are many, but the main points are 1. to protect you and 2. help you reach your full potential. That’s us! Being property investors ourselves, we understand exactly what our clients go through and try to provide solutions one issue at a time.

So, let’s makeover your worries (along with your property 🤓) and turn them into peace of mind. The Makeover Care will protect you and your property, protect your tenant, and create a win-win situation for all.