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I want to make my property more beautiful, but where do I start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in that. Most people would start by providing basic furniture and amenities. Chairs. Tables. Beds. Fair enough, but these don’t make much of an impression.

The absolute best place to start are the WALLS. It is the biggest space that meets the eye and is so often neglected that we wonder why Trump even bothers.  

Use eye-catching wallpaper to fill in the empty space, taking time to choose appropriate patterns that’ll make it look more inviting. You may also want to get creative and combine wallpaper with paint, dividing the wall into portion of painted and wallpapered patterns.

You can also use textured paint, which costs higher than regular paint but it lends an immediate character and depth to the space. We often use it for TV walls in the living room for a cozy effect.

Take cues from hotel designs! They often fill in the lower walls with simple 3D-like designs – this is called wainscoting, and the most common form used is the bead board variety. This, along with paint and/or wallpaper gives immediate texture and depth, thereby raising the perceived value of your property.

Apart from the walls, you could also fill the ceiling area to make it appear to be Venetian plaster or wood-panelled. The important thing is to not leave it bare – compare the two images below and see which one made you instantly happier.