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We Are A Company Of Property Investors

We passionately believe great interiors are key to winning the competition, and we are excited to share it with you.

We’re an effortless solution for property investors, and we provide strategic makeovers to achieve higher returns and ease rentability. All done within a minimum budget and a tight schedule.

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Our Story

The Makeover Guys' co-founders Gavin and Vince were not unlike many of you reading this: busy professionals trying to squeeze in some personal time to build their property portfolio.

Each time they collected their keys to a new property, they were overjoyed only to be dimmed by frustrations of juggling it all with no guidance. As many of you may have experienced, managing an investment property is no easy feat at all.

The Makeover Team
Vince Koh & Gavin Liew
Vince Koh & Gavin Liew

Over 9% Rental Returns

On Their Properties

Back then, rental properties were usually furnished with a bunch of old and used furniture.

They believed by having a more designer approach not only would we have happier tenants, we would also manage to achieve higher rentals. The perfect win-win solution. The idea works incredibly well and both of them receives well over 9% rental returns on their properties!

And so, alongside property investment expert, Faizul Ridzuan, The Makeover Guys was born. The mission was clear. To provide hassle-free services to ease all the pains that come with property investment.

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  • From market understanding to strategies
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  • From aesthetics to cost efficiencies
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  • From return of investment to speed of delivery

They honed their solutions to address all these frustrations.

Faizul Ridzuan
Faizul Ridzuan
About Us

Receiving your keys to a new investment property should always be a call for celebration, and never the frustrating affair that's generally faced. That little personal time that you have left should certainly be spent with those who matter to you the most, instead of managing and going berserk over yet another property.

After all, money can always be made but lost time can never be regained. Unless you have a secret time machine, that is!

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