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Meet The Guys

Faizul Ridzuan

Faizul Ridzuan

The Property Scientist

This property scientist is the creator of "Area Analysis" that allows investors to use data to make critical investment decisions. A well-known investor in Malaysia's property scene, Faizul has bought and renovated over 40 properties in the last 10 years, with an average rental yield of 9% or higher, which is 50% higher than the industry average.

Gavin Liew

Gavin Liew

The Strategist

Gavin is a coffee lover, but thankfully he loves great design more. It's obvious - he has been doing space planning and designing with Top Tier brands from various industries for 16 years. This self-taught entrepreneur has also been actively investing in properties since 2009, with a personal portfolio yielding more than 9% on average in rentals. Gavin is a recipient of the SME's Top 100 Fast Moving Companies 2014 Award.

Vince Koh

Vince Koh

The Creative Mastermind

Vince has always been the creative one. He has produced numerous great works in the 16 yrs he has been in the creative industry. One of his projects won the PAM Awards for Interior Design in 2012. Vince has an investor side too. Having been a property investor since 2008, his current property portfolio yields 9.9% on average. Vince is also a recipient of the SME’s Top 100 Fast Moving Companies 2014 Award.

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